Bulky Kitchen Items

Everyone has areas in their kitchen that just don’t work.  For so many people, it’s trying to make sense of all those oddly shaped containers–the water bottles, the tumblers, [...]



Organizing.  Being Organized. What does it mean to you?   To me, it means time.  Time saved.  Time earned.  Time that you have that you would not otherwise have.   When your life is not [...]


Summer Vacation!

  Summer is by FAR my favorite season.  Mostly because of the weather, but also because of the magic.  Summer is a time where all is right in the world.  Summer is when all the epic things [...]


Shred It!

  Summer is starting–why not set up a good habit in the midst of this mellow, fun and sunny season?   Mail is one of the biggest enemies of my clients.  Paper comes in, it is [...]

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Outdoor Organizing

  In your home, everything must have it’s own space–that way, when it is time to clean up, everything can be put away with ease.  Additionally, when it’s time to find [...]