Finding The Time to Get Organized

  January is National “Get Organized” Month–and it’s almost over. Lucky for you, I am an understanding organizer, and I know that getting organized in just one month [...]


Quick Entryway Tip #3: A Place for Your Keys

This week’s tip isn’t kid-specific, but it is incredibly important if you are a parent. My business is called “Home Key Organization” and I LOVE the symbolism of keys. [...]


Quick Entryway Tip #2: Coats and Wall Hooks

How many times have you walked into someone’s home and coats are EVERYWHERE?  On the railing, on the couches, on the floor–everywhere but in the closet? That’s what this [...]


Cat Quilt and Quilt Storage

  Had to share this adorable cat quilt that my mom made! She is incredibly talented! The cats are all gray, like my cat Darby, except for one brown one, who is my sneaky little Ramona cat! I [...]


Book Stacy As A Guest Speaker

  I’m just a few days into 2014 and have three speaking engagements scheduled!   I would LOVE to speak to your group about kids and organizing!   In the past I have spoken to [...]


Shoe Organizing Tips – Especially for Families with Kids!

    Just jumping on board?  Read here about the one small, non-overwhelming task per week for 2014!   This week, let’s zero in on the things that clutters so many entryway [...]


How to Use the Thirty-One Wall Organizer In Your “Command Center”

          Shop Now!   Wall organizer! I always thought this would be great in a “command center” – but why stop at one?  Why not have one above [...]


Get Organized Month?

Click here to subscribe!   January is National Get Organized Month.  Whee!  Getting organized is a perfect way to start the year, and I am happy to participate.   However–getting [...]


Organizing Session – Busy Family, Beautiful Home!

I recently worked with a local family who has been through a LOT this year.  Lots of illness has resulted in many, many changes–due to cancer, Mom recently lost her leg.  In addition to [...]


A Year In Review

  Hello everyone! I’m going to be getting a little personal on this week’s newsletter, so I hope that’s okay!  I was all set to write about goal setting, but I hope that I [...]