Photography Deal for Seattelites

  In honor of my second family, this week I am sharing with you a photography deal. Lydia, my god daughter’s Mom, is becoming a photographer full time and is raising money for new [...]


Ditch the Packaging – Save Your Sanity!

  There’s nothing quite like the feeling of new art supplies.  They come in crisp containers, ready to create your child’s artistic vision.  After they’re used, your child [...]


Why Give Experiences?

It can be hard to make the switch from giving a nicely wrapped gift from the toy store to giving an experience.   “I want the kids to have something to open.” “I’m [...]


Large Motor in Small Spaces

  Kids need to MOVE.  They LEARN through movement.  A day without needed movement for a child can prove to be a day that doesn’t go very well at all. The weather is getting colder, [...]