Why Every Apartment Dweller Needs a Wagon

I have written about it before, but I can’t help it – I am obsessed. If you are living in a condo or an apartment with an elevator, this wagon is an absolute must.   Here are [...]


Clutter Free Shopping: Clothing

Clothes shopping is HARD. I mean, buying things isn’t hard – not for me, at least. I can almost always find something that I like. However, I’ve learned over the years that [...]


My Criteria for Choosing Organizing and Storage Products

Many people are quick to go out and buy organizing  and storage products when they start their project – but that’s not always the best idea. Why? I’ve talked about it before [...]

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Win 3 Months of FREE Storage from Sparefoot.com!

Exciting times! I have recently partnered with Sparefoot.com to spread the word about their simple and effective storage solutions. I will soon begin working with them to store some stuff (as my [...]