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It’s really best to declutter and organize BEFORE the gift giving holidays.

However, now it is January, so that ship has sailed.

Here’s a couple of tips on making post-holiday organizing effective:


Set Aside a Big Block of Time

I always work with clients in four hour blocks. Two hours is enough to tear everything apart, but not enough time to put thing back together, leaving you feeling unsatisfied and unaccomplished.


Get the Kids Out

Yes, it’s great to involve the kids, but most kids don’t have the emotional capacity for major decluttering sessions. If you’d like to involve them, consider leaving one or two decisions about what to get rid of after the project is done. This will help them to flex their decluttering muscle without having a breakdown when much needed (and never remembered) stuff has to go.


If You Can’t Power Through Yourself, Get Some Help

A very wise client recently hired me for a session. She knew she COULD do it herself, but often lost steam halfway through. When you have someone there to push you, it’s more likely to get done. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a professional – a friend or family member can work very well for people in some cases.

My favorite tool for this is to use my handy-dandy delcuttering planning sheet – there is a free download available over at Home Key’s online store!


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