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With a clutter free day out, you can gain new peace in life.

Home is our haven, but sometimes getting away makes us appreciate it that much more.

I have a housekeeper.
Yes, the organizing queen has a housekeeper.
I’ve lucked out–I found someone professional and wonderful willing to barter services with me.  (In addition to Home Key Organization, I have a small social media business.  I do social media for her biz, she cleans my house.  It works out great!)
Now, this post isn’t about you needing a housekeeper.  It’s about the beauty of a clean house and making it last just a tiny bit longer–especially as the start of the school year looms over us.
You see, today (I’m writing this on Wednesday night) I was out of the house when my housekeeper came.  I returned home for a while and it was peaceful.  Everything was put back in it’s place.  Dirt and grime were gone.  Dishes were done.
Basically, my house was reset to a state of serenity.
Did I stay home to enjoy it?  Not tonight.
Tonight I met up with my man, Dave, at a cafe.  We are currently out, getting work done together.
I’m going to let home sit just a little bit longer in its serene state before we go back and “live” there.
Home and family add value to our lives in many ways.

Out and about gaining new perspective.


Spending time away from home can make you realize how much you really appreciate it.
Dave and I spent most nights at home together.  I enjoy my home more than ever now that I have someone to share it with.
However, a mellow night out with no events planned, no crazy bar hopping, and no fancy dinner helps us recharge.
Spending time away from home means one less clean-up session.
We cook most nights (okay–HE cooks most nights) which is lovely, but every once in a while not having to do the dishes is nice.
Spending time away from home means being out in the world.
Dave came up with this one!  (Of course it’s the best one!)  Breaking out of your regular routine and exploring your world helps you to look at things just a little differently.  Who doesn’t need that?
Another interesting thing that makes tonight so special is that we chose a new place to go, a place we’ve never been to together before.
I walked here to meet up with him.  This means we will be walking back together, which is the perfect way to end our evening, especially as summer is winding down.
All right, now–what about YOU?  
Oh wait, no, more about me–hah!
It’s GREAT having a partner because you can bounce ideas off of them.  As I’m writing this I said to Dave “I like the way this newsletter is turning out.  When I started I thought, this is a great idea, but what does it have to do with organizing?”
Then, I answered my own question.
Home Key is about more than organizing.
It’s about finding joy in life aside from “stuff.”
Okay, NOW you!  
What can you do in the next couple weeks that gets you out of your home for a day or an evening?
How can you connect with your kids away from the STUFF in your house without spending a lot of money?
Kids are only young once.  Buying them a toy is okay–but more often than not, the happinesss from a posession is fleeting.
Having an experience before the school year insanity begins can help set the stage for the whole year.
What do you value as a family?  Take a few minutes to think about it, then structure your experience around that.
Do you value relationships?  Play a relationship building game with the kids in the park.
Giving?  Volunteer together at a new place.
Rest and relaxation?  Go to a cafe and do some goal setting around next summer’s vacation.
Just remember–you are in control of your destiny.  If it feels like “stuff” is running your life (or your family) it’s up to you to change that–through experiences, communication and intention.
Happy summer.
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