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Hello everyone!
This week I want to share a research article with you.
Possessions in our homes grow exponentially–we can all agree to that.  Our stress levels are growing too.  Related?  Of course, I think so.
My organizing work with families almost always results in stress reduction for parents.   However, that’s not all that improves–I also seen children increase their focus and play enjoyment when there are less items in the environment that surround them.
“But Stacy,” you might say.  “That’s just your experience.  Has there been any formal research on this?”
I am here to tell you:  YES!
As over-consumerism continues to drive our society, clutter is an obvious by-product.  Things that we buy without thought are more things in our home that aren’t being used–and distracting us from doing the things we love to do with the people that we adore.
It’s starting to affect our children.
There are so many different ways to look at this, and so much information to guide us.  In recent years, clutter in the home and the stress it produces is starting to be researched more and more.  I’ll get some of that information your way to get the wheels in your head turning.  I don’t want you to buy nothing ever again–I want families to be happy spending time with each other in homes that they love that make them feel comfortable and serene.
The article I am presenting today is a research study done in Germany.  In an attempt to prevent addiction later in life, the researchers created a Kindergarten class where ALL the toys were removed.  Sound harsh?  Maybe a little.  But take a look at it and look what the parents had to say…
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