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Happy New Year from Home Key Organization


Hello everyone!
I’m going to be getting a little personal on this week’s newsletter, so I hope that’s okay!  I was all set to write about goal setting, but I hope that I can share my store to inspire change for you in 2014.  Sometimes inspiration from others is better than advice, am I right?
2013 was Home Key Organization’s first full year in business.  Wow, right?!  I left my full time, secure government job in September of 2012 to go into the world of organizing for families and children.
At my last job, I got to help lots of people, which was wonderful.  However, with Home Key Organization, my goal was to help people on my terms.  Working for the government (the Head Start program) was incredibly rewarding, but there were so many limits on how I could serve the families.  I was ready to do it my way.
And wow!  This year I have worked with so many of you to get your homes to work in a way that worked for you.  And guess what?  YOU all did most of the work!  I just got to be there to witness it.  When I do an organization session with a client, they are the ones doing the hard work, making the hard decisions, and getting the great results.  However, I usually get to join in the celebration in the end!
If I haven’t worked with you on organizing, I’ve gotten to meet you out networking, connect with you online, or we’ve come across one another in some way.  How wonderful this is!  I never realized that I would get to meet so many cool people when starting a business!  The amount of inspiring individuals in my life has multiplied so much!
When I started 2013, I was continuing my struggled with chronic fatigue.  This struggle had gone on for several years, and had gotten much worse in the past five or so.  Luckily, 2013 was the year I decided to seek medical help with a vengeance!  After years of doctors blowing me off, I found someone who would listen to me.  She put me on the most challenging diet of my life, but it resulted in a huge surge in energy and I now feel better than I have in years.  Happy New Year to me, right?  I still have my days of fatigue, but could not be happier with the results.
Evening Magazine
When you own your own business, the sky is the limit.  However, there is still doubt that you deal with.  When I half-jokingly mentioned to my amazing coach,Erica Duran, that I wanted to be on TV, instead of shutting me down and laughing at me, she said “Oh!  Here are some things you can do to be on TV.”  Wow!  To hear encouraging words can make all the difference.  That’s why I was ABSOLUTELY ecstatic when I got to film a segment with Meeghan Black on Evening Magazine! 
Jacob and Jana's Wedding
(Photo:  Not my New Year’s dress, but still feeling fancy!)
So much more has happened, but I won’t go on all day.
I do want to share what has helped me in all of this.
1.  Throwing caution to the wind.
Sounds dangerous, right?  IT IS!  This year I have found it in myself to focus on what is really important to me and do away with the rest–no matter what.  So scary, but so worth it.
2.  Persistence.
How did I get on TV?  I emailed them and tweeted them every month or so.  I didn’t give up when I didn’t hear back.  I’ll be trying this again in 2014!
3.  Positivity/Faith
Honestly, I’ve had problems with positivity in the past.  However, it’s a lot easier to be positive now that I am doing what I love–because I know I am following the path I need to be following, the positivity follows.  And faith–not religious faith–although if that is what brings you hope and motivation, do it–but faith that I am doing the right thing, that things will get better, that I am on the right path.
The HAPPIEST New Year to you all!
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