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Welcome to August!

Yes, it’s still summer.  Yes, I love summer.  However, it’s also the time to start preparing for back to school!

I like to be prepared at all times.  It helps keep life simple.  No one gets anything done by rushing around.  That includes rushing around in the mornings trying to figure out what to wear and finding clothes that don’t fit!

This week’s tip includes a few ways to go through your child’s clothes and pare them down.  It is ESSENTIAL to do this before you buy more!  (And you know for back to school we like to buy more!)


Question 1:  Is it in style?  Does your CHILD love it?  Will they wear it?

spice girls

This is an important question to ask.  If your child doesn’t like something, finds it uncomfortable, uncool, or just not that great, they won’t wear it.  Trust me.  Do you wear clothes that make you feel yucky?  Fat?  Frumpy?  Don’t do it!  If it’s not loved, get it out!

(Picture of the Spice Girls to demonstrate the “out of style” category 🙂

Does it fit?  

short pants

If  it doesn’t fit, or it won’t fit for very much longer–buh-bye!  Kids grow fast.  If it will only fit for another month, it will become clutter faster than you can sort through things, so get rid of it.

 A tip for pants I learned from a client:  Have your child try on a pair that fits.  measure the length of the other pants to those ones.  Genius!


Kids Clothes - Shoes


Shoes are another one of those things that need to be evaluated carefully.  They multiply like crazy (well, in my house, at least!) and get left behind if there is anything wrong with them.  Do they pinch your child’s toes?  Are the toes scuffed off?  Are they too summery to fit next summer?  Again, get rid of it.  Your shoe bin by the front door is overflowing anyway, right?



I am so happy to be approaching Home Key’s one year anniversary!  There are some big things coming my way (TV, anyone? 🙂  and I can’t wait to share them with you.  As always, you are all my inspiration and the feeling that I get when I work with clients is unlike anything I’ve experienced before.  I truly appreciate everyone’s support!

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