Laptop Lunches Giveaway!

Food and organizing--two of my favorite things!     I recently got put on a strict diet by my doctor.  I was NOT a happy camper. To ease the pain and to make sure I have healthy, accessible food around at all times, I bought myself a Laptop Lunches Bentoware...

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Special Needs Summer Camps in Seattle

ParentMap sent out a GREAT article today about summer camps for kids with special needs.  Check it out! Summer Camps for Kids with Special Needs Be sure to check out Home Key's Special Needs Organizing Packages here. ...

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Let’s Get Some Shoes!

Home Key Organization's Tip of the Week for April 22, 2013   I'm a huge fan of keeping shoes on a bookshelf.   Yeah, I said it!  Shoes on a bookshelf! Racks made especially for shoes can be flimsy and hard for kids to use.  The space can be shallow, the shoes...

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Shelves vs. Toy Boxes

  Many of us are so accustomed to toy boxes--dump it all in, push it away.  In theory it's a good idea, but let's face it--it encourages disorder. Having low shelves in your home helps encourage play, which ultimately means learning.  In addition to being more...

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Hang It on the Wall!

    There are so many things in our spaces that take up valuable floor space--and they don't have to! If there's a product you're interested in-- for example, an easel, a lamp, a kid's basketball hoop, a shelf--see if it is available in a wall mounted...

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What's working for you and YOUR family? What isn't?  Let this be something you think about as you go through your week.   In organizing, as in life, there is no one size fits all.  There may be somethi   ng that is working well for your family.  Don't change...

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Check out My “Go Fund Me” Campaign!

  I had such a GREAT time organizing last weekend for a family whose child has special needs that I am looking to extend my services to people for free who may not be able to afford it. However, I will need some financial support for this--the more support I get,...

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Organization Session: Special Needs Homework Help

What a GREAT time I have been having these past couple of days.  I have had the opportunity to work with quite a few families on organizing their homes to bring a new sense of calm and productivity.   On Saturday, I worked with a family who has been facing some...

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Recycling Difficult Items in Seattle

Just wanted to pass this resource along for you all! It can be hard to find recycling resources, but here in Seattle we've got it down!  Thanks, Cleanscapes!   Cleanscapes Recycling Seattle...

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Homework Success and After-school Routines

I am featured in Erica Duran's newsletter this week answering a parent question about school readiness via organizing.  Check it out! Ask Erica:  How Can I Set Up a Productive Homework...

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Homework Kits

Homework kits keep coming up this week! I am speaking at a PTA meeting north of Seattle this week on how to set up your family's home for homework success. One tip:  get a homework kit! A special shopping trip for brand spankin new supplies to be used ONLY for...

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Organization Session – Perfect Playroom!

Just wanted to share some photos from yesterday's organization session!   We finished the playroom!  Simple toys, accessible to the little ones. Building materials all in one spot--and the top of a low shelf makes a great place for sitting OR a great place...

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Check out this post from Brittany Steffen, MS, LMFTA about sharing chores--a big deal in family relationships! Chores, Chores and More Chores!

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Home Key Organization’s Tip of the Week for February 11, 2013

  Promote Literacy! Keep some of your child's books in a basket on the ground.  They will love the easy access!  This encourages reading, as well as independent book clean up!  Win/Win! Have questions about book storage in your child's home environment?  Drop me...

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Stuffed Animal Storage

  Ah, the dreaded stuffed animal revolt! You start with just a few, and before you know it, they are overtaking your space in large numbers. There are a few things that come to mind when taming the masses--though it’s up to you to make the final decision!  ...

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Post Halloween Clutter Control

  Ahh, it’s November 1st and Halloween is over!  Time to shift our focus to Thanksgiving! Not so fast!  You have some work to do.  This is your first duty towards making the upcoming holidays less stressful and it and organizing your Halloween...

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I've been meeting with a lot of people about their home offices lately.  It's fun to personalize people's systems to make them work for them!

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In 1950, the average American home was 983 square feet, and the average household size was 3.54 people. Today’s “average” home is close to 2,500 square feet, even while average household size has decreased to 2.67 people. ​-...

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Organized Kid Spaces

Sometimes I just like to poke around on the web and see what I find.  Here is today's cool link!​​   Life In the Thrifty Lane - Organized Kids...

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Offbeat Mama

Offbeat Mama Check out my sponsored post on Offbeat Mama! It’s exciting to work with a blog that I love so much. This is a great example of one of my virtual consultations!...

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Hoop Storage!

Have an avid hooper in your family?  I do!  (Me : ) I have looked all over for attractive hoop storage.  A nail in the wall won’t fit more than one, unfortunately.  However, I found a vintage doorknob hook that holds many hoops and is pretty cute.   What do you...

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Official Launch Date: September 7th!

Hi everyone!​ Thanks for all of your support so far!  Anyone who I have talked to so far knows I am completely ecstatic to be starting a new venture.​ Keep visiting for new updates.  Don't forget to share with your friends!...

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