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Kitchen Organizing in Seattle Washington, Home Key Organization home organizing services

Everyone has areas in their kitchen that just don’t work.  For so many people, it’s trying to make sense of all those oddly shaped containers–the water bottles, the tumblers, the travel mugs.  They don’t stay up, and they look out of place next to your glasses and ceramic mugs.


The solution?  Baskets!  Keeping these items in a basket where they don’t fall over can help ease a lot of frustration.  They’re also easier to find.


Here are a couple of awesome examples I found online:


Home Key Organization - Home organizing services in Seattle, Washington

Small baskets, but everything is categorized!



Kitchen organizing in Seattle - Home key organization, organizing for parents, kids, special needs

Bigger basket where the kids can reach.



Drawer Organization home organizing Seattle Washington Home Key Organization

Compartments made out of baskets–just toss them in the proper one and go!



It seems to be the week of kitchens here at HKO with all the sessions I’m doing–and I couldn’t be happier!


Need some help with your kitchen?  Call me up!  I have openings for the summer and would be happy to work with you!

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