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“What?  A post about hangers?” you may ask.


I wanted to give a couple of tips about choosing hangers, since the right hangers can make a huge difference.

And bonus:  you can apply these tips when buying any kind of organizing supplies!

Now, I am all for saving money and working with what you already have.  However, when people do want to invest in organizing supplies, making sure you choose the right ones is incredibly important – they’re not always cheap, and you’re having to live with them each and every day.

Keep it uniform.  

When buying hangers, having them all be the same makes a HUGE difference.  They fit on rods better and it just looks nice.  They space more evenly.

Same with other organizing supplies – keeping things uniform makes a big impact visually.


My DIY "closet" - so many dresses!  Almost all black velvet hangers - although we found some beige velvet ones in the free pile once that I couldn't resist!

My DIY “closet” – so many dresses! Almost all black velvet hangers – although we found some beige velvet ones in the free pile once that I couldn’t resist!

Make it fit your lifestyle.

All my hangers are thin, black non-slip velvet.  (Here’s a link to them on Amazon.)  I love them, but they’re not the most durable things in the world.  For now I mostly hang dresses (so many dresses), so I don’t need anything heavy duty.  However, if you have children, I would recommend a stronger hanger in their closet – the black velvet ones are breakable.

Here’s another thought – if you have a hard time getting things hung up, consider ditching the habit of trying to hang everything up and fail.  Throw it in a nice basket, put it on hooks on the wall or put it in a bin.  As long as it doesn’t wrinkle easily, not hanging things up is not the end of the world (especially for kids.)

Make it versatile.

Whatever you may choose, try to make it so that it can be repurposed in different spaces in your house as needed.  My hangers go great in all the closets.  If you’re choosing bright neon hangers for your kids rooms and need to substitute one in a different spot in the house later, it may not look so great.

Same with other organizing supplies for kids.  Buy bins that you would be comfortable using in other rooms in your house.  Land of Nod has ones that are made for kids but cute enough for decor all over your home.


With many of my clients, there are too many hangers altogether.  Usually we can go through and just eliminate the wire and plastic ones and there is a huge improvement visually – and they don’t even need to buy any more!

Share with us!  What does your closet look like?  Is there a type of hanger or organizing product that you love?  Comment here or join us over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!  

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