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It’s been a crazy week!  I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas at my Dad and Step-Mom’s house in Port Angeles, WA.  It was the first time my new man, Dave, has been there.  It was fun and relaxing.  From there we came home for about 2 hours – long enough for me to record my monthly content for the CCFL Global Academy and put some stuff away.

After that we went to visit Dave’s family on Whidbey Island for a couple of days and then just returned yesterday.  Whew!

Today is my first day back working in a bit – I’ve been working on Home Key’s social media and doing some other writing.  What else?

Cleaning up for Christmas!

One of the things I love about sharing my organizing strategies with the world is that they’re not perfect – they’re far from it.  To be an organized person, things don’t have to look like something off of Pinterest.

I snapped a couple of pictures to share with you – the whole Christmas clean-up took me under ten minutes.  Win!  How’s that for stress-free?

Xmas 5

Here’s my tree.  Lights are off and it’s sort of crooked after my cat, Ramona has knocked it down six times over the last two years.

Here it is with the purple lights lit up!

IMG_20141209_133509 (1)

I love this tree, but it’s a little short.  In the next few years I’d love to get a bigger one – I have a lot of ornaments!

Xmas 4

Here are my ornament boxes – there aren’t very many.  They all stack, but I have to keep the stacks limited to two levels per box, since that’s what fits on the shelf in my storage unit.

Xmas 3

Here’s the inside of the boxes.  All the fragile ones get separated with bubble wrap underneath, the softer/unbreakable ones just get piled into the box.  Why overcomplicate things?

Xmas 2

Here’s me with a Justin Bieber ornament.  I got it to impress my god daughter (then six years old) but she has since denounced him.  Oh well.

xmas 1

Here are all my boxes, stacked up and ready to go to the storage unit.  Yes, all my decor is purple.  The tree will go down, too.

I was actually able to get it down to one box less this year!  I had another set of lights in a different box, but they ended up having too many lights out, so I’ll get rid of them and stick with my purple ones.

Did you do any post-Xmas decluttering?

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