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Home Key Organization’s Tip of the Week for July 22nd, 2013

clean up

Being that I mostly set up child environments, I talk to parents a LOT about helping to develop good clean up habits with their children.
Here’s a few quick tips to get you going next time you and the kids are faced with a mess.
Information speaks louder than a demand.  
 “Your shoes go by the door” sounds a lot more appealing than “Put your shoes by the door.”  Giving information empowers the child to make their own decision about the process.
No one likes to be told what to do–so don’t tell them!
Sit with them and do it–then tell them what you’re doing and seeing.  
“I have the puzzle piece with the cat on it.  I’m putting it in the box.  Look, there’s a puzzle piece that has the letter ‘a’!  That one goes in the box, too.”  The power of suggestion and narration can go far!
Keep it simple.  
Don’t expect your two year old to clean up a whole room.  Putting away just 3-4 things for a child of that age is HUGE–honor that, and describe what they did in a specific way.  “You put away FIVE things in their places!”  By making this recognition specific, they can decide how they feel about the task that they completed.
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