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I talked last week about clutter-free Valentine’s Day gifts.  This week, I am going to address clutter free gifts for kids.


I’ve been doing a lot of research lately about clutter and stress.  It turns out, in a recent study from UCLA, that in a cluttered home, the mother’s stress level rises as when asked to describe how the mess makes her feel.  How do they know?  The went as far as to test the levels of cortisol (stress hormones) in the salvia of  the mothers as they talked about it!


One way that clutter (and yes, stress!) comes into our homes is through gifts.  It’s what we know–to give a gift at every opportunity.


However, gift-giving can add to a lot of guilt on both ends.  Givers tend to overspend on things that they don’t know the receiver will like.  The receiver, who often appreciates the gesture but doesn’t like the actual gift much, feels guilty about giving it away and ends up with more clutter in the home.


Here are some clutter free gift ideas for the kids in your life.  It is going to seem awkward, at first, to not give a tangible gift.  But as you live these experiences with your kids, take a good hard look at how you feel–and then ask yourself if you would’ve felt that by gifting something physical.


1.  Concert Tickets



My god daughter and I are going to see Katy Perry in September.  It was my gift to her for her birthday.  A Barbie doll would end up in a box in the closet, but we will remember the Katy Perry concert forever.


2.  Summer Camp



Camp can be expensive.  Why not help out and contribute some money to a summer camp fund?


WheWhen I was growing up, I saved up some money to help my parents pay for camp.  For my 11th birthday, I only asked for money to help.  It was a great exercise in responsibility.



3.  College/Opportunity Fund Money



They may not understand now, but BOY they will appreciate it later.


I call it an opportunity fund because some people may not choose the traditional college route.  Maybe they will travel, maybe they want to start a business–but whatever they do, money for the future is always helpful.



4.  Movie Tickets



Maybe it’s just me, but I can remember seeing a lot of movies as a child–and exactly who took me and when.  Now, whenever I see 101 Dalmatians, I remember that Cara and I had plans to go, then I got the chicken pox, and she waited until I was well to go see it.  Time spent together = value and memories.
5.  Fancy “coffee” drinks
This may be very “Seattle” of me, but there’s nothing like a hot chocolate or a Frappucino when you’re a kid.  You feel like a fancy grown up drinking out of one of the coffee cups.  “Coffee” and conversation can go a long way.
Have more clutter free gift ideas for kids?  Visit Home Key Organization’s Facebook page and share with me!


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