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home key organization clutter free gift guide

Gifts are wonderful and fun.

They can also cause a lot of distress.  What does someone want?  Is it expensive enough?  Do they really like it?  Is it useful?  Will it gather dust?

Even more often, they cause distress after they are given.  So many of my clients hang onto things that they really do not like because they feel guilty giving them away.

Solution?  Clutter free gifts!

Here are a couple of ideas that I have come up with–feel free to leave your ideas on Home Key Organization’s Facebook Page.


1.  Dinner or Meals

Indian meal

Even though I seem very Susy-Homemaker, I HATE to cook.  Over any stuffed animal or expensive flower bouquet, I would LOVE the gift of not having to cook for a couple of days.

There are a couple of options for this:

Meal Service With a meal service, you can order meals online to be deliverd to your home.  I used to use Maven Meals in Seattle and adored them!

Grocery Store To go even more inexpensive, but some frozen meals from the grocery store.  You can also get nice salads to go so the gift-recipient won’t have to bring lunch to work for a couple of days.  Trader Joe’s is great with this kind of stuff.

Personal Chef  (I like Angelica’s Chef Service in Seattle  Though hiring a personal chef is slightly more expensive than pre-made meals, you can customize for special dietary needs (which I have.)

2..  House Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning

No one likes housework.  Well, some people might, but I think it’s pretty rare.  Consider having a housekeeping service come to the house when your gift-recipient is at work.  There is absolutely NOTHING like coming home to a clean house.  Trust me.  My local recommendation for Seattle?  NW Spotless Cleaning.

3.  Organizing Services

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Couldn’t do a gift guide without mentioning it!  Of course, make sure that the person receiving this is actually interested in working with a Professional Organizer and has talked about it.  If YOU just think they need to get organized, this might not be the best gift.  You can purchase a gift certificate from Home Key Organization here.

4.  Fruit Basket 

trug of summer fruit

Many people like fruit–but preparing it can be tricky.  Why not get a decorative yet edible fruit basket or an Edible Arrangement?

4.  Coaching

Health Wealth Happiness signpost

Is your sweetheart interested in self-improvement?  Why not get them a life coach or business coach?  There are tons out there, but they may already have someone in mind.

Here’s some that I recommend:

Erica Duran – My long time mentor and business coach.  She coaches women on productivity, getting organized, business, and more!

Vibrance Nutrition and Fitness – Get on track with health and nutrition coaching from Aimee Gallo and Kelly Ross!

Liz Nead at NeadInspiration – I am currently working with Liz on developing my career as a speaker.  Highly recommended.

5.  Wine

Pouring red wine

Wine is pretty much a perfect gift–consumable, and basically clutter free – after you drink it, you can recycle the bottle.

6.  Personal Training or Fitness Classes

Personal Trainer Encouraging Woman Using Treadmill At Gym

Again, be careful with this one–make sure it is something the recipient is actually interested in.

7.  Massage or Acupuncture

Body care - woman back massage

 Both can be incredibly relaxing and restorative.  My recommendations are below:

Sara Ackerland, Deep Tissue Massage

Ease Theraputic Bodywork

The Pin Cushion Clinic

Joyful Living Acupuncture

8.  Weekend Getaway

Hotel room

Even just staying at a hotel for a night away from home can be exciting.

9.  Manicure or Pedicure


A  pampering gift doesn’t have to be a full day at the spa.  Even a manicure or pedicure can be a sufficient way to  help someone feel special.

10.  Be a Tourist in Your Hometown

City Fish Public Market Neon Sign Seattle Washington

Visit a romantic or fun landmark together.

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