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It’s June!

In Seattle that means that start of gorgeous weather–weather that I, personally, wait all year long for!

For most of the country, the beginning of June also means that school is about to get out for the year.

I’ve heard mixed reactions from parents about summers.  Some people get to see their kids more, which is wonderful, but can also be much more hectic.

Even when kids are in child care or camps for the summer, the change of routine can take its toll on everyone’s energy.

As can–you guessed it–the clutter!

The first few weeks of June before school gets out are the perfect time to start doing a bit of clutter cutting so that the rest of the summer months can go that much smoother.

This week, I’m going to encourage you to take a look at your child or children’s schoolwork and artwork in your home.  Here are some tips to get you going.

1. What are your favorite creations from your own childhood?  

For me, whenever I look over things that my parents have saved, what I gravitate toward the most is the writing.  I’m not interested in the paintings or projects that were mostly teacher-driven. I look at and enjoy the ideas I had in first grade, my journals from age 9 and the miles of stories I wrote (and the teacher feedback on them!)

When your child grows up, what do you think might mean the most to them?  Strongly consider if they will treasure 70 finger paintings–or if it will just be a burden for them to cart around.

2.  Create one box for artwork.  Fill it, then stop.  

One box is probably all you need.  My mom saved one manilla folder per year of my schoolwork and art, which was perfect for me–but still a lot when all was said and done, as I was in school for twelve years!  Thing of what’s practical to keep and what can move on

3.  Photograph it.  

Photograph artwork and save it on “the cloud”.  Recycle after that.

Getting rid of things is hard.  I understand.  But living in piles of clutter is much, much harder.

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