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On the go this summer? Get organized–but don’t over-complicate it!


One of the biggest organizational mistakes that I see people make is complicating their daily routines and systems.

The more complicated something is, the more likely you are to NOT keep up with it.

It’s OKAY to have storage and routines that aren’t Pinterest-perfect.  You need to find what works for YOU.

Therefore, I bring you this:  Corral Your “To Go” Items in one spot.

What will you be doing this summer?  Going to the lake?  Going swimming?  Getting the kids off to camp in the morning?

Whatever it may be, these activities take stuff.  Sunscreen.  Towels.  Bathing suits.  Snacks.  Bags.  Totes.  Backpacks.  And if that wasn’t enough, these things need to be constantly replenished and washed and cleaned up!

Why not throw it all in one spot?

It seems nice to sort it all out–the sunscreen in its own plastic bag along with hair stuff, sorted  nicely next to the snacks with the backpacks sitting lovingly on their hangers.

However–I can’t tell you how many organization sessions I’ve done where I find these well-intentioned items, forgotten about in the bottom of a bag because they are SO well-sorted!

If this sounds familiar, I recommend finding ONE spot in your home to store these items.  Make sure it’s big enough to fit everything you need.  When the bathing suits get washed, throw them in.  Keep the towels and the beach blanket with them.

Find what works for you.

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