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If you celebrate the winter holidays it’s likely that your home is about to become much more crowded.  If you have kids, multiply that crowded by 100.

That’s okay, of course.  There is so much joy in the holidays, and gifts add to that.  However, after the wrapping paper is cleaned up and the packaging is put out to recycle, the joy starts to slowly wane away as you start to wonder where all this new stuff will go.

A super cute kid finding joy in holiday gifts 😉

The weeks before any gift giving holidays are a great time to make the aftermath just a little bit simpler.  Here’s a couple things to think  when it comes to making your plan.

1.  Consider how you work best

I am a social learner myself – I do really well when I have someone to talk through things with me and keep me company.

Some people concentrate much better and have better energy when they are able to work by themselves.

Are you more productive when caffeinated?  Do you need to eat to be able to focus well?

When you do things what are the factors that make it go well?

Why is this important?  When it comes to decluttering, you want to set yourself up for success.  I know if I try to tackle a task without eating a healthy meal beforehand that nothing will go well.

Whatever contributes to your success, plan to address it before jumping into a decluttering session.


2.  Set a date

Find a date where you can have an uninterruped block of time (2 to 4 hours usually works best) and put it in your calendar.  Decide if you want your children or spouse to participate and arrange this with them.
3.  Make a plan
This plan doesn’t have to be set in stone– however, having some goals can help a lot.
With a lot of my organizing clients I don’t do a lot of extensive planning because things change as we go through the organizing process.  Things that seemed like a really good idea in the initial planning phase get pushed aside for bigger and better things.
That’s okay!
Think of what you want to get done, how you will do it and what you need.  Putting some intention into it will help get it done.
3.  Write it Down
When we write things down, we are more likely to do them.
For your planning success, I have created a simple written plan that can be downloaded here.  Try it out and let me know what you think! (Be kind – I’ve never made anything like this before!
4.  Do it.
Put it in your calendar.  Prepare properly.  Then, when the time comes, do it.  Yes it’s hard, but it will feel SO good!
5.  Evaluate and Repeat
Did it go well?  What could have gone better?  Did it feel good?  What could you do differently next time?
If it’s something that works for you, try doing it every year before the holidays.  Who knows, it may end up being your favorite holiday tradition!
Happy decluttering!
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