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Young.  Single.  Hip.  Organized.

Okay, not quite.  Yes, I’m single, but I’m getting old, and I’m not as hip as you think.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of the organizing details in my own home with you.  The pictures are from the lovely Lydia Grimes Photography, who works out of Seattle and also happens to be one of my best friends.

About my home:  I bought a small condo in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle Washington in June of 2009.  It is one bedroom and around 700 square feet.  I have a living room, a bathroom, a (pink) kitchen, a sunroom, and a bedroom.


I currently share the space with my brother, who is just 16 months older than me.  You’d think sharing a space with your brother would be hard, but we make it work really well.  It’s a great way to be saving money as my business gets off the ground, and the strategies that I use to organize really help.  I even have space for a small office!


My sunroom!  My happy place.


My bedroom is a sunroom, and it is small.  There’s just enough room for a full sized bed (I used to have a queen sized bed, but downsized to save a little space) and my Ikea Expedit Bookshelf turned headboard.  I’m lucky enough to have three huge floor to ceiling windows!  My cats ADORE the windows, as there are trees right outside and lots of birds to chatter at!



The expedit “headboard” had eight sections.  In the top cubbies I keep a stack of books, some personal items like lotion, tweezers, qtips and nail clippers in a little box (if I just set them on there the cats would bat them everywhere) and an empty basket (it’s a feng shui thing–I’m trying to welcome love into my life, so I try to keep space open for another person : )






In the bottom cubbies I keep bins for sheets, blankets and pillowcases.  Perfect place to store them, as I’m a little short on closet space for linens.




My seahorse hanger I bought from Anthropologie on a trip to San Francisco in 2005, and my dreamcatcher that I got at Venice Beach while visiting one of my best friends this year.


The curtains, if you can see them, are lavender polka dot from Pottery Barn Kids.  I found four used at Goodwill for $3.99 each and then ordered two more online.




My mom brought me this stained glass mermaid from Mexico.  Gorgeous, isn’t she?  I’m on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp, so I like ocean themed stuff.









I don’t have a closet, so I use this clothing rack in my room.  I am VERY into dresses, and try to keep them somewhat color coordinated.







I use this dresser for my other clothes, and keep jewelry on top.  The thing on the left is a stacking jewelry box from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Here’s the inside:








I keep my pearls in a vase on the shelf when I’m not wearing them.  Who do you know who has a million unused vases?




These hooks are on the side of a taller Expedit that I use as a room divider for my office.  I use them to put tomorrow’s outfit on, usually.


_LMG1377A sliding glass door and curtains separate my bedroom, and the expedit separates my office area.  I have a small living area on the other side.





I try to keep plants and flowers around, but have a hard time keeping them alive!





I put random business cards I get in that vase.





This is the living room.  The guitar is on the wall.  Space saver!  (Note:  I don’t play guitar, I use it to impress boys.)





My brother is  a little bit messy.  I contain his bathroom mess in this bucket.  It works.  When things are everywhere, I just redirect them here.  Brilliant!  Anyone with roommates can benefit.





Then I found a bucket for my makeup so it all matches…




Shelf above the toilet.  A must.  And that ceramic cat is a toilet brush holder.



This is my front closet, complete with a bookshelf for all my shoes!  The laundry basket up in the top corner is for paper to be shredded–I save it up and bring it to a shredding event.  I tried to have a shredder at home but it kept breaking.



Like my use of vertical space?



This is my kitchen “command center.”  I take a ton of vitamins, so this is where it all goes down!



Of course, the kitties wouldn’t be happy without their cute pink tray to match the kitchen!



Cat ring holder 🙂




Kind of obsessed with trays–I keep one for fruit instead of a bowl.




And of course, the cats:




Sir Darby.





Princess Ramona.


What do you love about your home?


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