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What does the word “detox” mean to you?

Wikipedia tells me this:

Detoxification is the physiological or medicinal removal of toxic substances from a living organism, including, but not limited to, the human body.”

When I think of detoxing, I think of getting rid of what is toxic in my life – in any part of my life!

There have been many things that I have “detoxed.” I’ve done it with my body – with cleanses and juices and fiber drinks and protein shakes.

I’ve done it with my relationships – which was perhaps one of the hardest things of all. To “detox” myself from people who were negatively affecting my life was not easy – but removing them was essential to my health.

When it comes to the home, detoxification is important. Here’s how I think decluttering is similar to Wikipedia’s definition of detoxing the body:

The home is a living organism. Your home is alive with people, feelings, and things. You are living in it. It supports you.

Clutter in the home can be toxic. It can drag you down physically by causing danger or hazardous situations or emotionally by forcing you to live in the past,

So…what can be done to make the “detox” process go smoother?!

Get some support. Detoxing seems to be a popular group activity these days – I’m not kidding! There are so many businesses that sell detoxification and “cleanse” products that include group challenges where coaches and participants lean on each other for support.

Organizing does not have to be different! Whether you’re working with a professional organizer like myself or are just tackling the junk in your home with a friend, a little support and accountability can go a long way.

Be gentle with yourself. Know that it’s not always easy. If it’s easy, it would be done already, right? There is no shame in backpedaling, or falling behind or needing to start again.

Make sure you have the right tools. Much like my fiber supplements and protein shakes, there are tools with organizing that make the process easier, too. Whether it is boxes to hold the stuff that is going out the door or baskets to sort and categorize the stuff that’s staying, make sure you are prepared.

Know it takes habitual changes. Have you ever gone on a cleanse and felt great/lost weight – only to gain it back the next month? Decluttering is no different! No only do you have to keep plugging away, you also have to examine your buying habits so that more clutter doesn’t come in.

Where we live can have a huge affect on our health – both mental and physical. By detoxing your stuff, your life can become even healthier and happier – just give it a try!

I was inspired to write this post after hearing about Oscar Health Insurance Company‘s #DetoxYourLife project. They’re a new insurance company wanting to make your life stress free with their technology based health care. If you’re in the area, be sure to check out their individual health insurance plans in New Jersey and New York!

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