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Spring is here!  As always, Spring Cleaning is a major buzzword and will be until summer comes in June.

Buzzword or not, sprucing up your home for spring is not a bad idea.

Summer time can be busy with activities and vacations, and dealing with mess and clutter around that time can be even more of an emotional drain than it usually is.

However, to me, spring cleaning seems like a big, overwhelming ordeal—and when things are big, overwhelming ordeals, people tend to avoid them.

Let’s talk about how you can make a dent with the rule of one:


One bag. 

Find a bag—an extra canvas grocery bag, a paper bag, a garbage bag—any of them will do.

Find things in your home that cause bad feelings—old dusty knick-knacks that someone else will enjoy more, chipped or broken dishes, “fat” or “skinny” clothes, worn out shoes that you just won’t wear.  Try to do this as fast as possible, and fill the bag. Take it to the car, dumpster, or free pile–whatever you do, get rid of it!

Does this stress you out?  Maybe.  However, a lot of times it’s like tearing a band-aid off.  At first it hurts, it’s uncomfortable and you feel a little tearful.

However, if you think about it, in a week you’re probably not going to miss any of the stuff that you just got rid of.  In fact, you’ll be glad that it’s gone and feel much more energized.

Say you would’ve left that figurative band-aid on:  it would’ve gotten dirty and yucky and made you feel gross every time you looked at it!  Plus, without air and light, your body doesn’t heal as well.

What does spring cleaning mean to you?  Have you made any progress in your home since the days have gotten longer?  Respond to this email and let me know—or, visit our Facebook page and leave a comment!


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