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So, Christmas was awesome.

Why? Because I received some long-awaited items that are already making my life a WHOLE lot easier, which inspired me to make this list.

I live on the 7th floor of my condo building. While I love having a view of my neighborhood, I do not love having to haul things down the hall, into the elevator, out of the elevator, down another hall, and…well, you get the point.

Face it – living in an apartment or condo, which convenient in some ways, has its own challenges.

And that’s why I’m creating this list – to recommend products that will make your life a whole lot easier.

Let’s begin.


1. A Rolling Laundry Cart


Image from Deco Bros on Amazon.

Image from Deco Bros on Amazon.

Total game changer. I don’t have this exact laundry cart, but it’s pretty close. (You can get this one here.)

I’ve actually never minded having a laundry room on a different floor. A lot of people love having in-unit laundry, but I like doing two loads of laundry at once in two different machines, so a laundry room on a different floor isn’t a deal breaker for me. However, it got really hard hauling all my laundry downstairs after I hurt my back. The solution? This cart. Just push it down the hall, into the elevator and laundry is done. Bonus: it has sections. We actually don’t sort our laundry too much because we don’t have enough and all of our clothes are dark, however, it is nice to sort it when it comes out of the dryer, since Dave and I both fold our own laundry, so I put mine in one section and his in the other. It’s also tall enough that I can drape my dresses over the edge so that if I don’t get to them right away they don’t wrinkle.


2. A Wagon

Wagon PinkI have found love, and it is this wagon. 

Here’s what happens in my home: the garbage fills up. We don’t feel like hauling it down seven floors at that exact moment, so we put it by the door. Then we have yucky garbage pile up, and it’s too much to bring down at once and then it’s just gross and heavy. Then we go down to the garage, get a shopping cart from our building’s garage, bring that up, put everything in it, bring it back down…

But now we have a wagon.

Now when the garbage fills up or we have a lot of recycling, it goes in this wagon. Then we wheel the wagon down, dump the garbage, and bring it back. It works wonders.


3.  A Clothing Rack

In our space we don’t actually sleep in the bedroom – it is an office, and we sleep in our sunroom. Before Dave moved in, I slept in the sunroom and my brother lived in the bedroom. In small spaces, you are sometimes forced to be creative with your layouts.

Storage always seems to be at a premium in apartments, so sometimes closets must be used for things other than clothes.

That’s where a clothing rack comes in.

Photo courtesy of Deco Bros via Amazon.

Photo courtesy of Deco Bros via Amazon.

We have basically now converted our sunroom into a bedroom by putting a clothing storage solution on the wall. However, before Dave moved in, I wasn’t that handy, so I instead bought this clothing rack.

This gave me the opportunity to keep my clothes in view (and I have some cute clothes, so it was fun to see them all every day!) and be able to have them actually in the room where I sleep and get ready.

I organize for people so often that keep their clothes in a different part of the house because of lack of closet space. A clothing rack is a way to keep them nearby.

Tip: don’t skimp on quality with a clothing rack. I have friends who have purchased cheaper ones, only to have them collapse under the weight of too many clothes.


4. Pot and Pan Rack

We made our own, but you can buy lots of different ones. Cupboards get cramped, so having your pots and pans visible can make a big difference. Ours were also low to the ground, so I would have to kneel on the floor when I wanted to look for one.

Here’s a cool one from Amazon.

5. Ikea Kallax


I’ve written about the Expedit/Kallax before (they restructured it a bit a few years ago and changed the name from Expedit to Kallax) here. 

Basically, you can use this piece of furniture as ANYTHING. I have two of them in my place and I have used it for so many cool things.

6. Wall Hooks


Hooks are a great way to fit more stuff in less space. I have hooks by my front door, in my bathroom for towels (rather than a towel bar) and on the wall to hang my outfit for the next day the night before.

The other nice thing about hooks is that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to hang something on a hook – it’s one action and done. Boom.

Hooks are also affordable – you can get them pretty much anywhere. And if you don’t feel like putting holes in the wall, you can use sticky ones, like Command Hooks.

7. Small Bookshelves


Honestly, any small shelf can work, but a shelf with wheels is easy to move and can be lots of different things. While big fancy homes have built-ins, I like the versatility of having small shelves that I can configure into storage solutions. They can go inside closets, in an entryway, or they can be used as a nightstand or end table if needed. Small shelves can be very versatile. When it comes to small space living, new ideas pop up often to organize better and more efficiently, so having furniture that can be easily moved or repurposed is essential.

8. A Permenant Donation Space


This was another post from last year, but I can’t stress how important it is. Having a space always available for donations is an important part of keeping clutter at bay. You can’t just declutter once and call it good – decluttering is a constant process, and must be done often. Decluttering can be worked into your weeks, but only if you have the proper tools. Having a laundry basket somewhere in a closet where you can put things that you no longer need is important when it comes to keeping your small space functional.


What is essential for you in apartment living? I’d love to hear it! Feel free to comment below with links to your favorite products! 



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