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I have written about it before, but I can’t help it – I am obsessed.

If you are living in a condo or an apartment with an elevator, this wagon is an absolute must.


foldable wagon review

Here are some things that I use my wagon for:

Garbage.  Taking the garbage out every single day is a pain anyway, but when you live in an apartment building, it seems even worse. Out the door, down the hall, into the elevator, through the next hall, through two doors, out into the alley…you get the point. Taking out the garbage is a journey.

Not with my wagon, though.

With my wagon, the garbage can linger another day if I need it to. I just plop it in, and when it’s time, roll it down the hall (and into the elevator…and through the door…) and it gets done. If it doesn’t get done right away, it’s not a big deal.

Bulky Recycling. We are Seattleites. We get lots of Amazon orders. Instead of having to haul each box 7 floors down to the recycle, we can place it in the wagon to take down later. When the wagon is full of recycle, it gets taken down. Simple.

Saving my Back. Hauling things sucks. If there is something that needs to go to the car (again, 7 floors down!) then it goes in the wagon. I don’t have to carry it. I don’t have to go all the way down to the garage, get a communal shopping cart, then bring the item down. The wagon lives in my condo, so it is always there, ready to go.

Saving me a trip. Sometimes I like to bring recycle/garbage/big items down to the garage on my way out. I could never leave my wagon out, with fear that a super-jealous neighbor would steal it. However, I don’t have to bring it back up to my place, either – it folds conveniently so that I can just stick it in the car. Bonus: if I have a bunch of junk in my car (I try not to let that happen TOO often) I can haul it back up to my place in the wagon later.

Here’s a link to the wagon I have. I love it. If you get it, I hope you love it, too.

The wagon I love is pink. If you want a blue one, that one is here.

(Full disclosure: these are affiliate links.)

What productivity tool are you in love with?

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