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January is National “Get Organized” Month–and it’s almost over.

Lucky for you, I am an understanding organizer, and I know that getting organized in just one month isn’t realistic.


This week’s tip is about setting aside the time to organize.

After you are organized, maintaining your systems can be a short, sweet  task.  I won’t lie to you, though–getting there is not going to be quick and easy.




Being a parent is HARD work.


Organizing is hard work, too.


When wanting to organize a space in your home, consider these three important rules.


1.  Get Childcare


Kids are wonderful, but it can be hard to completely focus on a task when they need your attention.  See if you can find a sitter to take them somewhere, or have them go to a friend’s place.


2.  Carve out a block of two hours or more.  


Usually, halfway through a session, the house is torn apart.  It takes time to get everything together in a way that will really work.  Don’t try to get an organizing project done in less than an hour.


3.  Remember the follow up


Running things to other parts of the house, Goodwill or dump runs, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting.  These things take time, and forgetting them can have an impact on your progress.


Don’t want to do it alone?

I’ve got some options for you:

Local to the Seattle Area?

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