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I feel a little bit too old to be a victim of FOMO (fear of missing out.)

Have I felt it before? Definitely! But some pretty big life changes squashed those feelings pretty quickly.

What were they?

The first is that I started to get ill – very ill. (Read more about how organizing helped me deal with chronic illness.) With years of chronic fatigue under my belt and having it not get better, I honestly didn’t really care that I was missing out on anything, because, well, sleep.

Sure, I felt guilty to be flaking on friends, for sure. But my health took precedent over going out, and the fear of missing out became less and less over time – I was just trying to take care of myself.

The second thing is that I met a wonderful man. I spent many years going out, dating and being boy crazy, so once I met someone, the FOMO feeling went way way down, since I had all the boy attention I needed right in the comfort of my very own home.

However, since being diagnosed with sleep apnea and treating it with my CPAP machine and getting engaged, my priorities have slowly started changing.

I’m not really FEARING missing out – but I know that as an extrovert, I need to be around people to get my energy.

The solution? Trading FOMO for GOMO.

What is GOMO? Going Out More Often.

Here’s the cool thing about GOMO: it’s a way to connect with people and gain satisfaction that’s clutter free.

From Eventbrite:

“Looking back, 2015 was about moving away from materialism, and towards experientialism. Millennial shoppers say they put half of their holiday cash toward experiences this year, and a 2014 Eventbrite survey found that 60% of people had a resolution to spend more on experiences than material things over the next 12 months.”

Moving away from materialism is always a good thing – especially for someone like me, who thrives on connection but also lives in a tiny condo where accumulating stuff instead of experiences goes south very fast.

So – what will I be doing to feed my GOMO needs this year?

There are a couple of things.

Connecting with other women, specifically entrepreneurial women.

One of my favorite events for this is Thirsty Gals, hosted by Sondra Firestein, the founder of Happyseekers and Pursuit Concierge. I’ve been a long time attendee of Thirsty Gals and love the authentic connection – much much different than many of the women-centered events I’ve been to.

A new one I will be trying out this year is Whiskey+Work. I very recently came across them online and got really excited by the name alone. My excitement went up more when I read about what they do over at their website. Their first Seattle event will be on February 25th, and I’m stoked to attend.

I’m also part of a brilliant mastermind group with Penelope Bell of Thriving Your Practice and Simply a Moment. Contact her via her website to inquire about her mastermind group for entrepreneurial women. She also hosts in-person meetups and teleconferences for healing arts professionals.


I need to write a book. NEED to. However, it’s hard for me to focus enough to actually get it done.

How will I combat this? Enter writing meetups! I’m hoping to get started with a couple of writing groups so I can actually write instead of just thinking about it.



I love the days that I get to co-work at Metropolist. The idea of being around people to connect and network while also getting my work done fits me perfectly.


Though it’s over a month into the new year, my drive to meet my goals and generally do better in life continues to stick with me. What goals do you have that you’re still working on? 

Will you have an event this year? Check out Eventbrite to sell tickets online!



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