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Friends don't give friends clutter!  Gifts are given with the best of intentions--but wouldn't your rather get what you want?

Friends don’t give friends clutter! Gifts are given with the best of intentions–but wouldn’t your rather get what you want?


Part of becoming organized is reducing clutter.

Part of helping other people live simplified, happy lives is not to give them clutter.

By changing the culture of gift-giving, we can slowly start to shift the amount of clutter in the homes–and in the homes of our loved ones.

This leads us to this week’s tip:  Shop off the registry!

This coming Saturday, I am attending a baby shower of a first time mom.  While there are a lot of things that I may think a first time mom needs, this shower is not about me.

Baby showers exist to help a new mom get what she needs for the upcoming changes in her life.  While this mom, being a first time mom, may not know exactly what she’s going to need for this particular baby, I am trusting her registry to guide me.  I want to buy her something that she wants and believe will help her in her child rearing journey.

Following someone else’s lead via registry is a great way for them to get exactly what they want–and who doesn’t want to get what they want?

Changing the culture of gift-giving is something that can help us all.  Look for newsletters in the future about what I’m doing to shift this culture into something more productive for everyone.

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