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January is National Get Organized Month.  Whee!  Getting organized is a perfect way to start the year, and I am happy to participate.


However–getting organized is NOT a one month process.  Getting organized is an on-going process–something to try out, experiment with, and trial and error your way through.


So many people have great blog posts about how to organize your home in 30 days–a section a day, and BAM, you’re done!


However, if you’ve had a hard time getting and staying organized in the past, you may overwhelm easily and give up before you can get anywhere!


Here’s where this newsletter comes in!


For 2014, I am focus on a section of the home for each month.  I will not give you more than one simple task or tip for the week.  And if that task or tip doesn’t resonate with you–skip it!


Home Key Organization is a kid centered-company, so of course I’ll be including insight on how to make it work for your busy family!

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