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Have you ever designed your own house? Yeah, me either.

However, I am in lots of homes for my organizing work. Many of these homes have lots of amazing features, and one of the things that I see often is gorgeous built-in shelving.

And, often, the people who have built-ins simply don’t like them. They were built before they moved in, or they built them without really thinking through it and now they just don’t work.

It happens!

If you are considering installing built-ins, be sure to ask yourself the following questions:

How will this serve future owners?

Built-ins are actually really good for home values. However, if they are too complex, they may be a turn off for the person next in line for your home. Make sure they meet your needs – but be sure to keep them simple enough so that the next person can use them.

Could I do this with regular shelves instead?

If you’re wanting to save money, sometimes good old Ikea bookshelves can serve the purpose of a built-in for a bit.

Regular shelving is also good if you’re like me and change your mind a lot. While built-ins are appealing in many ways, my needs change so often that I don’t know if they would be the best choice!

Should I consult with a professional?

Some people don’t need to, but I say it can’t hurt. Built-ins are a pretty permanent decision, and to get a professional opinion is a good idea. I recommend meeting with an organizer such as myself, an interior designer, or a custom closer professional (like my friend Michelle Gion from California Closets.)


Do you have built-ins in your home? Do you love them…or something else?

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