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Sometimes there are things that you’ve just gotta do.

If you don’t do them, what happens? Things go downhill, and fast!

What am I talking about? At my house, it’s usually all the tidying chores – making sure all items get in their correct spot, dishes, laundry, and taking out the garbage.

However, there are other things that you’ve gotta do that don’t quite give us those sudden, natural consequences quite like a sink full of dishes does.

What am I talking about? For many people, organizing is one of them. Exercising is another. Professional development when you own a business. Etc.

About a month ago, I bought a teleclass to help myself with setting a positive mindset. It was a teleclass, but I could do it at my own pace. And you know what? I dedicated myself to that teleclass, spending an hour on it each night for several weeks.

It wasn’t easy – but it did make a difference in how I think and live.

How did I stay dedicated? I treated it like school.

When I was a kid, it was NEVER okay to skip school. Some parents would let their kids take off of school for a vacation – but not mine! I can’t remember a single time that I cut class. Even when I was mildly ill, there I was, at school. (I got this from my mom, who has an impeccable attendance record at work!)

Here’s the thing: sometimes, when something is important, we absolutely have to do it. We have no choice – really – but doing it is so hard.

Take organizing, for example: you could be losing money because you’re not able to find items that you need, and then you re-buy them. It could be affecting your important relationships. The dust of stagnant items could be making you sick.

So, how can you treat organizing like school?

Make a date.

Whether it be weekly, twice a week, three times a week, or monthly (think weekend school), set aside the class time and do it.

Get a Partner

As I’ve gotten older, I often take classes with a friend. Having accountability helps!

Get a Tutor

Like a professional organizer! Or at least an assistant to hold you to the task and help you out.

Though I don’t miss going to school, there is something to be said about the success that lies in setting a structure.

What will you “school yourself” on this year?

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