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There are many people that I meet who, when I tell them what I do for a living, they so “Oh!  I know someone who needs that!”


The holidays can be a great time to spread the organizing love–however, the person must be ready and willing to make changes in their life.


Here are three people to consider gifting an organization session to–and one NOT to!


A School Aged Child Who Has A Hard Time Keeping Their Room Clean

Want a clean slate for the new year for a child in your life?  Think about an organization session.  Having an organized environment with a clear spot for everything can help a child a LOT–much more than additional toys and frustration about the room not staying clean.  As an adult, you likely get overwhelmed by messes.  Well–kids do too!  However, they aren’t developmentally able to tidy up without clear guidance and the right environment.


A Friend or Family Member Who Has Shown Interest in Working With An Organizer

Is there a person in your life who has specifically mentioned that they’d like to work with an organizer?  Even a gift certificate for part of a session can help them to reach their goals–much better than another candle or mug can.



If one of YOUR New Year’s resolutions is to get organized, starting the preparation  now can help keep you accountable for when the times comes.


and one person NOT to buy an organization session for…


The Person YOU Think Needs to Get Organized

I have many people that I know who could use the gift of organization–however, many of these people are not emotionally ready to take on such a big task.  That is okay!  Usually, buying them a session that they don’t want will make them more resistant rather than ready.


Home Key Organization has gift cards available at our online store here.


Not in the Seattle Area?  Check out the Professional Organizer Directory from LeeLogic here.

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