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I wanted to address some of the questions that I get asked most frequently for anyone who may be curious.


What is your hourly rate?

$50 per hour, going up to $65 in January 2014 with a minimum organization session being four hours.  If you shop for a Professional Organizer in the Seattle area, this is a very reasonable and comparable rate–especially for the level of child and family expertise that I offer!

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Why a four hour minimum?  

A one or two hour session usually leaves the room in shambles with no real progress made, making the client very unhappy (I would be, too!)  Four hours is the perfect amount of time to set aside to really complete a project and have that “ahh!” feeling of calm afterward.

That being said, if you have special physical or mental needs that makes a four hour session overwhelming, I can generally provide accommodations on timing.

Do you require a consultation?

Nope.  It’s best if we chat on the phone before a session to make sure it is a good fit for both parties, though.

That being said, I can most certainly do a consultation before you commit to a session, but it is subject to my hourly rate with a minimum of one hour.

You can also do a consult with no intention of hiring me to organize, as well!  I can give you great, creative ideas and talk you through the troublesome spots.


Will you make me get rid of stuff?

I will not MAKE you get rid of stuff.  However, if you are not willing to let some things go, our session will not be nearly as successful.


How long does a room take?

It really depends on you and our working relationship.  I go at your pace.  If you take a long time to make decisions, the session will take longer.  As we work together, we will agree upon a pace that is mutually comfortable.


Can my kids participate?

It really depends on the child.  Some kids are great at handling this type of thing and can get rid of things that they are not using easily.  For some kids, it’s best to do the initial clean up while they are away and then have them join in at later maintenance sessions.  This is something to discuss before we start.


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