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Home Organizing for Back to school, Seattle Washington


Welcome to week 3 of Back To School planning!

School supplies are an important topic.  I love them myself–fresh, new crayons in a box…a binder with corners that are crisp and unbent…

But!  Do you already have school supplies around your house?  Let’s take a look at some of the main school supply clutter that hangs out.


Back to School Week 3 - Drawer



Almost every home has a drawer like this–junk in the form of pencils, pens, crayons, colored pencils…here’s how I tackle those in a couple of easy steps.


1.  Sort and categorize everything into gallon bags–pencils, pens, colored pencils, markers and crayons.


2.  Throw away all of them that are worn or that you really just can’t see yourself using.




Are you the type who needs new things every year?  Throw them all away!  If you’re just going to purchase new markets, pencils, etc, get rid of everything.  There is no way you’re ever going to use that much.


Not that I suggest this–the best thing to do is sort out the good stuff and then send a portion of it to school instead of buying new things.  But, people have different preferences, and I’m trying to address them all!


Back to School Week 3 - Pencil Boxes

Notebooks and pencil boxes are also something that sticks around, but may not be used.  Don’t be afraid to toss them if you can’t see them being utilized ever again.  I’m serious.  I know it’s hard to just throw things away–but it’s taking up prime real estate in your home!

Back to School Week 3 - Scissors

Scissors!  Invest in a good pair.  Have your child use them for a good, long time.  When I was growing up my pink scissors lasted from second grade onto high school.


Do you have favorite school supply tips?  Send them my way and I will feature them on my social media pages!

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