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For some people, preparation is easy.  For some, it’s overwhelming.  Whatever your stance may be, I invite you to take a day off before school starts.

This day off can be in whatever form you choose.  If you work, it can be taking an evening to relax and do nothing.  If you are home with children, it can be a day where you watch TV and snuggle on the couch.

Take a Day



Don’t worry about staying inside if it’s beautiful out.  Don’t worry about not filling the day with activities.  Don’t worry about lounging on the beach while the kids get filthy.


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Take a day.

So often, we are hung up on preparing, getting everything done, organizing. We spend so much time worrying that we are not prepared enough, done enough, or organized enough–that we don’t breathe. We need to.

I get caught up, too.  I like to be organized, of course.  I like to make sure that every single thing I do is done with a purpose.

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But–not having down time can wear on us all and make us less productive.

Take a day before school starts.  Your body will thank you.  Your family will thank you.

Make a memory–whatever it may be.  It can be (GASP!) going through the McDonald’s drive-thru and eating egg McMuffins together.  It can be picking your favorite flower from the garden and then taking a mid day nap together.  It can be sleeping until noon and watching Calliou.  Only you can know.


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Happy back to school.


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