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The holidays are a GREAT time to buy more stuff–am I right?


They are also a time to develop new habits when it comes to stuff–for the sake of your happiness, your home, your children and your health.


In the spirit of giving, getting organized, reducing clutter and bringing holiday joy, I am anouncing my holiday sale!


The sale runs from Black Friday to Cyber Monday, so act QUICK!


You will get one more email on Thanksgiving morning to remind you of the sale–feel free to forward to friends!


Here are the deets:


20% Off ALL Services over $50

for subscribers of Home Key Organization’s Email List!



Yes!  Finally you can get the organization session you want at a lower price.

Home Key’s prices are going up in 2014–a 4 hour session will be $260.  There is no limit on the amount of sessions you can buy during the sale, so stock up for 2014!

This offer is EXCLUSIVE for people on Home Key’s email list–visit to  take advantage of this offer!    


There’s more!




For every purchase made during this promotion, Home Key Organization will donate a toy to Toys for Tots and send you a personalized gift certificate for your child letting them know that a toy was donated on their behalf to a child in need!

It’s just like I promised–organizing, cutting clutter, and giving–all in one! 

I am excited to offer this to you all and can’t wait to get going!

Remember, the sale starts on Black Friday and runs through Cyber Monday–everything in the online store over $50!  Subscribe here to get the code for the online store, coming in your email on the 25th!


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