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Gifts build up fast and are often left unused.

Gifts build up fast and are often left unused.

What’s the last gift that you got that you love and use?  

For me, that’s easy–it’s the Kate Spade purse that my Mom got me for Christmas last year!

One of the reasons that I love this gift so much is because I asked for it.  I wanted a Kate Spade purse.  I picked one out (at the outlet, of course, where it was more affordable!) and then I had something I love.

Now, you may ask–how can YOU buy things for people that they love?

I’m going to outline a couple of steps you can take to get a little closer to that goal.

1.  Ask.  

Yes, it may be hard or seem weird, but it makes sense.  “What do you want for Christmas?  (Hannukah, your birthday, etc.)

2.  Look at their registry

There are lots of registries out there that people can create now.  I recommend Nearby Registry (you can even register for organizing with Home Key! ) and’s Wish List (here’s mine–just in case 🙂

3.  Try to solve a legitimate problem

Are they busy?  Why not buy a gift certificate to a cleaning service.  Lots of stress?  Why not get a massage gift certificate.

4.  Look at what they already buv.

I’ll admit, the above things listed are bigger ticket items.  So why not supplement what they already buy.  If they eat lunch out every day, try a gift certificate to Subway.  Coffee drinker?  A Starbucks gift card is almost always used.

Looking for gifts for yourself? Don’t forget–you can add organizing with Home Key Organization to your registry on Nearby!


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