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One of the organizing systems that I have in my home in love is using jars.  They’re inexpensive, you can see what’s inside, and they make things look like art.


Jars on Shelf for Organizing



Mason jars are quite the trend right now–which is cool, because they are stylish and inexpensive.
Use jars to store things that you might not normally think of.  For example, in the photo above I have keys, buttons, nails, batteries and coins stored in jars.  (Yes, that’s my house!)
Try using jars for other things that you want to look beautiful–pencils, pens, crayons.  Too many of these things for one jar?  Throw some things away!  These are things that you don’t necessarily need a lot of.
Do you have a great organizing tip?  Send it my way so I can share it with readers!
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