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You thought I was done talking about junk in the trunk?  Nope, not yet!

Well, okay.  I actually WAS done – until something happened to me (again!) where I was thankful that the “junk in my trunk” was at a minimum.

I returned home from my vacation on a Saturday.  My car was in the body shop while I was away, getting repairs from a recent accident.  (Yes, again, no, not my fault this time either!)

The Monday when I returned from vacation I went up to the shop to pick up my car.

On the way home it stopped working.

Yes, my friends, my bad car luck has kept on keeping on.

But, that’s not what this is about!

This is about how having a small amount of stuff in your car can help save SO much hassle when times get tough.

I did bring the car to my normal repair shop to get it checked out.  The verdict?  More work than the car was worth – it would likely need a new engine, which would cost more than I wanted to spend on a car that is almost as old as I am.

On the way home (at a slow, slow pace – the car would barely accelerate!) I cleaned out the jockey box and the glove box while sitting in traffic.

When I returned home, I got one bag of stuff out of the back – it was very compact and organized.

And that was it.

Being prepared is one thing – yes, it is nice to have what you need if you get stuck.

However, being able to move your stuff out of a car at a moment’s notice is priceless in itself!

I snapped some pictures of what I keep in my car to share with you – I feel like this is just over the minimum of what needs to be kept in a car, and boy, has it saved me time and worry!


Junk in the Trunk Part 2

Here are the contents of my trunk, which include the following:

Two light sleeping bags (In the green box so that they stay dry in case of trunk leaks)

First Aid Kit

CPR Mask

Bingo Daubers (In case of spontaneous Bingo-going, okay?!)

An umbrella

A small notebook

Bungee cords and tie downs (For random secondhand furniture purchases)

A screwdriver and Pliers (To disassemble random secondhand furniture purchases as needed)

A small notebook

A bag full of marketing materials for my businesses

Junk In The Trunk Part 2 - 2

The beauty of all of this is that it all fits into this large sized laundry bag with handles that I got at Storables for cheap.  (If you want something fancier, Thirty-One Gifts has Organizing Utility Totes that are super cute and structured the same way – I have a couple of adorable polka dot ones from them!)

Having it all in a tote with handles makes it really simple if I am in another accident and have to get everything out quickly – or if something else happens where I need to clean things out quickly and easily (like having to dig a tire out from the bottom of the trunk.)

Are there any necessities that stay in your car?

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