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I love Katy Perry.

Yesterday during the Superbowl I was sick in bed, but I did manage to drag myself out to catch Katy Perry’s half time performance.

From what I understand, it’s gotten a lot of positive attention from a lot of people – myself included.

I brought me back to the concert that I attended in September with my god daughter.  It was very fun.  Memorable.  Amazing.

But it was also one of the most over-stimulating experiences of my whole life.

The Katy Perry Concert:  The Most Overstimulating Experience of My Life

The Katy Perry Concert: The Most Overstimulating Experience of My Life

It wasn’t even the concert, necessarily.  It was the noise.  The chaos.  The sold-out stadium with huge high ceilings.  .  Getting stuck in traffic on the way there.  Driving all around to find a parking spot and then realizing it was $40 to park.  The 20 minute bathroom lines.  Wearing a costume that wasn’t super comfortable.  Sitting close to people that I didn’t know.  All in all, it was just.  too.  much.

Now, what does this have to do with home organizing?  Quite a bit, actually.

A colleague sent me this article on sensory processing issues the other day and it really hit home as to why I’m doing what I’m doing.  The thing that got me the most, though, is that as a society, I believe that we are stimulated way more on a daily basis than we were in the past.  We’re busier.  We have more to squeeze into the day.  Class sizes are bigger than they used to be, so kids are around more people in general.

And what else do we have more of?  More stuff.

Our houses are bigger than they used to be.  This may seem good – after all, more space means more storage, right?  However, what is usually means is that this space is filled up with stuff.

At the Katy Perry concert I was surrounded by way too much – causing me to want to shut down instead of enjoy what I paid a good amount of money to do – experience the performance.

I think this kind of overstimulation can carry into homes more than we think.  A mess seems superficial, right?  But when you are sensitive to stimulus, it can make or break your comfort and productivity.  It may even be something that you aren’t aware of is affecting you and your child – until you get organized and experience the positive effects:  feelings of calm, joy and relaxation.

I am always thankful for the experiences that I’ve had – I would never trade in my Katy Perry concert experience with Rubie for anything.  However, I am also grateful that it opened my eyes to how stimulation can affect me as a fairly high-functioning adult and how this may translate to children, even at home.

What do you think?  Have you ever had an experience where everything was just too much?


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