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Deluxe Utility Tote


You can purchase this tote here.


The bag above is my savior.

Why?  Because I’m a city girl.  With a car.  A car that lives very, very far beneath me.

That’s right–my lovely home is on the seventh floor of my condo building, and my garage is one “A Deck” – 8 floors below!

The Deluxe Utility Tote is my savior because it makes it easy for me to haul things down those eight floors.  (I have an elevator, but even that can be a challenge!)  At the beginning of my day, I usually have a lot to do–visit clients, consultations, organizing sessions, meetings–and I need a LOT of stuff.  I need my computer, my planner, snacks for the whole day, a water bottle, a container to hold my protein shake, my purse…get the point?

With this bag, I load it all in, it’s all visible and easy to find because of how wide the top is, and I’m ready to go!

Even if you don’t live way way up, it can still be a trek from home to driveway or home to garage.

You can purchase this tote here.


Did you hear?  I’m having a Thirty-One Party online to get ready for y’all to get ready for the New Year!  I’m highlighting items and how to use them in your life in this blog series.  You can shop for other items here.  

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