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This little carry all caddy is not only cute and able to be personalized, it is an affordable way to get your children to take responsibility for their belongings.


One of the things I mention to people a lot in organizing is that kids get overwhelmed easily.  This caddy could easily be used as a clean up tool–fill the caddy with toys that are laying around, take it upstairs to your room, and put the things away in the proper spot.

That’s it!  Just one caddy-ful–for now.  Focusing on a small amount of items rather than the whole room can help kids focus and hopefully be happier about being involved.  Plus, what kid wouldn’t love to carry this around?  Plus, you can embroider it with their name or another fun message!

Another great use for this would to have kids transport any garbage or toys from car to home at the end of the day.

The possibilities!

Click here to buy the Little Carry All Caddy from my Thirty-One Catalog Party.

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