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Kids need to MOVE.  They LEARN through movement.  A day without needed movement for a child can prove to be a day that doesn’t go very well at all.

The weather is getting colder, though.  When the weather is getting colder, children can miss out on the large motor opportunities that they need to keep their bodies and brains in shape.
What is large motor?  It’s the term that is used in education (specifically Early Childhood Education) to describe big movements–movements of the bigger parts of the body like arms and legs, or movement of the whole body.
Funny enough, I see plenty of large motor toys in people’s homes.  Here are some examples of things that I see:
The pictures are just the beginning!  I also see things like yoga mats, stationary bikes for kids, basketball hoops on the backs of doors, other ride-on toys, Wii Fit equipment, baby climbers…the list goes on.
These are all WONDERFUL things to have.  All of these toys can be used indoors in the right space and can help children get their energy flowing in a way that will help boost their mood and their brain.
However, the space needs to be RIGHT.
If you have a treadmill covered in dirty clothes, will you use it?  Maybe.  But it will take some work to clean it up, and sometimes doing that is just too much effort.  Working out is already effort enough.
If your treadmill is in the middle of your living room taking up space and being an eyesore, are you going to feel good about it?  Will you enjoy using it?
The same goes for kids toys–specifically large motor ones.
I see the nylon tubes mentioned everywhere.  They’re great.  But they rarely have a designated space to be stored.  They’re in a pile in the corner, unused.
Kids and adults alike love doing yoga, but if there’s no space to spread out your mat, what’s the point?
If that toy slide is more of an eyesore than anything, it’s also going to end up in the corner unused.
So what do we do?
Make sure everything in your house–including these large motor toys–has a space.  
That toddler trampoline?  Make sure it is in a space where it can be pulled out to use easily and put away easily–not piled with other things.
Buy things that that have an eye-pleasing design.
If the plastic slide is a eyesore, you will resent it.  Spend a little more money on the high quality and aesthetically pleasing items.  Your home deserves beautiful things.
Keep other things put away in THEIR designated space so you have space for large motor.  
If there are constantly toys all over the floor, big toys won’t get to come out–and that can be rough on everyone.
If you’re curious about solutions fit for your home, you’re in luck!  Stacy offers organizing coaching over the phone.  If you’re needing some personalized advice, a quick session can make all the difference in the world!
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