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What is consumerism?  And why am I talking about it on my organizing blog?

According to this Wikipedia Page:

    1. Media culture, with its declinations of advertising and public relations, is often considered as a system centered on the manipulation of the mass of society.[5]Corporate media “are used primarily to represent and reproduce dominant ideologies.”[6] Prominent in the development of this perspective has been the word ofTheodor Adorno since the 1940s.[5] Media culture is associated with consumerism, and in this sense called alternatively “consumer culture.”[1][3]

So…what is this all saying?

We are surrounded by media.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing!  I enjoy many different kinds of media, some mainstream, some not.  However, much of the media out there is designed to sell to us.

People who create the media that is designed to sell to us are SMART.  Who has seen Mad Men?  It’s a show set in the sixties, centered around the people working in the advertising industry in that time.  Advertisers spend their time figuring out how they’re going to get us to buy–and they’re good at it!

Here’s a picture of some electronics–an Apple Computer, a keyboard, some headphones.  Apple is extremely good at branding and making you WANT their stuff.  Is this bad?  No.  It’s good to have tools, such as a computer, in life that are useful and reliable.

Advertisers aren’t going to stop doing their job of selling to us.  That’s okay.  However, that means that we have to work very hard to refine our thought processes so that we purchase only the things that we want or need.

Notice that in the definition of consumerism it says Consumerism is a social and economic order and ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-greater amounts. This means that we have to control our impulses.  It’s okay to get the Apple Computer, the iPhone, the iPad–whatever.  But do you need six different iPads?

It’s okay to want things.  There are quite a few things that I want in life.  But we need to really think about what we want.  When we don’t put thought into the things that we buy, we end up with things in our home that don’t have a lot of meaning.

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