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In my last entry, I talked about how I recently greatly reduced the amount of dishes in my home. However, I wasn’t the only one who it affected. I live in a beautiful space with my future-fiance (we’re not “officially” engaged yet, but are currently planning our wedding – yes, I know it’s backwards!) and he has to deal with all of my impulsive organizing experiments.

When I initially had the idea of having WAY less dishes (for the main stuff we pretty much have four of everything – plates, bowls, cups, mugs, etc.), he (Dave, my sweetie) was very resistant. Now that we’re a month in, I had some questions about it for him so that you all could learn more about how he deals with my crazy projects – and why he was initially opposed to this one.


Stacy: Why were you initially so opposed to the idea of having WAY less dishes?

Dave: I was concerned about having to do dishes all the time, having less dishes to store things in, and the annoyance of having to dig things out if we had people over.

Stacy: Do you feel that those things have been true throughout this process?

Dave: There’s definitely less dishes around to store things in, but it hasn’t been a huge problem. You’re doing most of the dishes and we haven’t had anybody over, so…

Stacy: Do you notice me complaining less about doing the dishes? Why do you think that is? 

Dave: Yes. Because there are less dishes to do, obviously.

Stacy: Since we’ve downsized the amount, let me tell you, the dishwashing process has been WAY simpler. In last week’s newsletter I talked about how a sink full of dishes is a lot less intimidating now. The other interesting thing is that we really only have so much fridge space – so even though we have less dishes to store things in, our fridge CAN still get full. 

If we continued on with this system, what do you think will happen when we do have someone over?

Dave: We’ll have to get more dishes out.

Stacy: Do you think the pain of this outweighs my reduced stress when it comes to the day-to-day?

Dave: Not at all.

Stacy: Housework and the division of labor is definitely an issue in our household, as I think it can be with many couples. Can you think of some ways we could further reduce other items  (not necessarily in the kitchen) to make clean-up less painless for both of us?

Dave: We could intall a washer and dryer in the closet.

Stacy: We could – but that still wouldn’t address the idea of “less”, unless you look at how we would have less space because more space would be taken up by a washer and dryer. Right? We’d still have to do the same amount of laundry, it would just be in a different location. [We live in a condo and have shared laundry facilities on a different floor.]

Dave: Yes, but we would wash our clothes more often because the barrier to doing laundry is that we have to haul it downstairs, get quarters, which is a pain in the ass, go down and switch it from the washer and dryer, and then go back and pick it up. The time and labor would be greatly reduced.

Stacy: Actually, where I am going with this, is maybe we should simplify our wardrobes next…

Dave: [Blank stare]

Stacy: It would be hard for me because I am such a “fashionista.” But I can picture it now…three shirts, one black, one white, one polka dot, two sweaters, one coat…and four towels!

Dave: [sarcastically] Lol.

Stacy: Many of my organizing clients have a hard time getting organized because their spouse isn’t on board. Why did you finally agree to my crazy dishes scheme?

Dave: Because dishes were becoming an issue with us and I was ready to try that idea out.

Stacy: Now that October is just about over, what changes would you like to make to our system? Are there any items in particular that you sorely miss and want to add back in?

Dave: I’d like to get out some of the larger bowls to have for storage and mixing. (He thinks a long time.) That’s really it.

Stacy: See, that’s the funny thing about decluttering – people are so resistant to it and attached to things that really don’t matter. They have such a hard time letting go, but if you gave it three weeks and asked them what was missing, they probably wouldn’t even remember!

Why do you put up with my crazy organizing ideas?

Dave: Because I love you.

Stacy: Not because I’m smart and they’re good ideas?

Dave: Um, yes. Or, um no. What?


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