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For the month of October, I am doing something that I’ve wanted to do for quite some time: I have downsized my dishes.

What does this mean?

It means that I have packed many dishes away so that there are just a few things left. This includes:

  • Four big plates
  • Four small plates
  • Four shallow bowls
  • Two deep bowls
  • Two mixing bowls
  • Four cups
  • Four mugs (two regular, two travel)
  • Three shaker bottles
  • Four spoons
  • Four butter knives
  • Four forks

Dishes Collage 1

I have also done away with duplicate pots and pans, most tupperware, and have three glass food storage containers available.

Let me tell you something: it is the BEST THING EVER.


First a story. Last week I was sick. I had body aches all over and it was awful.

Whenever I’m sick, household chores are like torture – but, being sick and trying to relax in a messy house is also torture.

Last week, though? Not so much – especially when it came to dishes.

Now that are dishes are so drastically downsized, most of our dirty dishes that accumulate in the sink over one or two days fit into the dishwasher completely – so clean dishes are just one load away. Easy.

What if we don’t have one of something? Instead of just getting another one out, I wash a dirty one. Again, easy – and it makes for less dishes in the long run!

When putting the dishes away, I realized how many I really don’t use – and how they are just excess.

The main question people have is this: what if I have people over?

Here’s my solution: high up storage.


Cupboards Collage

While I packed away the dishes that I don’t use much into my storage unit (I live in a condo, so I have a free storage space on the third floor), I have high up shelving above my cabinets, where I stored extra cups, plates and bowls.

Is this system for everyone? No. In fact, the reason I put it off so long is because my future-fiance, who lives with me, thought it was the silliest idea ever. That’s the reason I said that I was trying this “for the month of October.”

Now, you may think this is a crazy organizer lady thing – it makes no sense, and you would never do it. I get it.

However, next week I will offer a different point of view for this: I will be interviewing my future-fiance about his reservations about this whole idea – and how we will move forward after this month.

Stay tuned!

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