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Organizing for the halloween holidays and to kick off the holiday season.


It’s upon us again–the holidays!  Halloween begins the most consistent string of holidays throughout the year–which I’m thankful for, because here in Seattle we need a little joy to get us through the winter!
I want to give you a tip this week about decor for the upcoming holidays.  Decorating can be great, but storing it all can be a nightmare!
Begin this paring down holiday season with the first box of decor that you take out.  Are there any decorations that are outdated?  Ugly?  Broken?  If you don’t display them, get rid of them. If they have sentimental attachment, take a picture, and then discard them.
People think that because these things get stored away for most of the year, it’s okay if they take up space.  This is simply not true.  If you start thinking this way about everything…well, that’s how your garage gets overwhelmingly messy!
So many families use so few of the things that they store.  Getting rid of things to make your storage spaces more manageable is one of the best things you can do when it comes to clutter clearing.
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