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Home Key Organization’s Tip of the Week for April 22, 2013


I’m a huge fan of keeping shoes on a bookshelf.  

Yeah, I said it!  Shoes on a bookshelf!

Racks made especially for shoes can be flimsy and hard for kids to use.  The space can be shallow, the shoes have to balance just right, and more often than not there’s not enough space, so shoes end up heaped on the floor next to the rack anyway.

Besides–racks don’t often fit smaller kids’ shoes!

Using a bookshelf can be one solution to this.  It gives a fair amount of space, and also makes the shoes look like works of art.

How is your shoe area at home?  Are you satsified?  If not, get to work on something that fits your unique needs.  Maybe a shoe-shelf will help!

Home Key Organization is a home organizing service based in Seattle, Washington.  Stacy Erickson works with local families to create organized, serene spaces to enhance child learning, focus and independence.  She also works with parents and other individuals to organize their spaces to reduce stress and increase productivity.  

Do you have a child with special needs?  Contact Stacy at (877) 204-5391 for Special Needs organizing services in Seattle–or internationally via Skype!  

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