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For years before I met my sweetie, I longed for love. I had read that one way of attracting it via feng shui was to keep pairs of things in your home. (This article mentions it!)

I took it a step further by wearing jewelry that represented this as well. A ring with two flowers on it. A necklace with interlocking circles.

I kept a rose quartz stone close to me. I online dated. I tried looking. I tried not looking.

Five years passed and my sweetie was still nowhere to be found.

During two of these five years, my brother lived with me. It was nice to have him and he was a great roommate.

Then, a funny thing happened. My brother bought his own place. He was still close – he actually just moved two floors up from me, making it easy for us to see each other and help each other out with stuff.

However, just two weeks after he put an offer on his place, I met my current partner, and we’ve been going strong ever since.

I’m not as big on feng shui as some people, but this was big. I had done a lot of decluttering when it came to stuff, but with a family member living with me, my home was just too full to bring someone new into it.

This isn’t exclusive to love. Having things in your home that you don’t need or use leaves it so that there isn’t any place for new and valuable things to come in.

This can manifest more literally, too. Is your child not getting their homework done? Look at their homework space – be it their desk or the kitchen table. How is it looking? Is there space to work?

What about your kitchen counter? Is the space too cluttered for you to really be able to cook yourself or your family healthy meals?

What about that treadmill? Has it become a catch-all for laundry and throw pillows?

Whether we like it or not, our space affects how we live. Sometimes diving a little bit deeper into what’s going on in it can give us great insight into what’s going on inside of us.





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