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If you know me in real life, you know that I’m an avid fan of people.

I was incredibly shy as a child. It was actually kind of nice, because when you don’t talk much, people really listen to you when you do. I remember back in my school days, people always quieted down when I spoke – I didn’t do it often, so they wanted to make sure to hear what I had to say.

Things are different now.

Around 18, I quickly started to outgrow my shyness. I don’t know why, exactly, but it happened, and quick.

Nowadays, connecting with people is my favorite hobby.

Do you know the difference between extraversion and introversion? Funny enough, it’s not about “liking people” or “not liking people.” It’s about where you get your energy.

Here’s a great definition from

“Extraversion and Introversion are one of the preferences used in the Jungian Type Inventory. The naming is unfortunately a bit archaic as extraversion is not about being loud and introversion is not about being shy. It is about where people get their energy and motivation from: other people or within themselves.” 

So basically, not only do I enjoy being around people, but it truly energizes me.

And (getting to the point), that is why I am in love with the product that I am reviewing: Motormood.

What is Motormood? Motormood is a “light up emoji” for your car. You stick it to your back window. If you’re driving around and someone does something nice for you, you can press a button that it is bluetooth connnected to and it lights up a happy face for the driver behind you to see.



So why do I love it?

I’m in my car a lot. Between meeting with referral partners from my BNI Group, doing organizing sessions with clients, consulting with other business owners to help them out with their social media, or doing a number of other things, it seems like I am always there.

To tell you the truth, it gets lonely. Seattle traffic has gotten significantly worse over the years, and it seems like I’m spending more time in my car every week.

Having a tool such as Motormood brings just a little more joy to my days. If someone lets me merge in front of them on Denny Way, just a quick push of the button lights up the happy face in my back window, letting them know that I appreciate it. It goes both ways, too – if I do something nice in traffic for someone and they wave, I can send them a Motormood Smile back to let them know that things are cool.

The one complaint that I have? I have bad car luck and am in a new car again (my fourth car in a year and a half!) and when I sold my old (broken down) car, I couldn’t get the adhesive off of the back window. I was able to slide Motormood out of the holders that it came with, so I do still have it, but I can’t hang it in my new car because I don’t have the proper parts to affix it to the new window. I scanned Motormood’s website and it looks like they don’t have any for sale. I guess it’s time to reach out and see if maybe they can sell me some seperately.

My favorite Motormood moment was a couple of months ago, when I was still in my old car. It was a very unique car – I’m talking a carbon fiber purple hood, purple wheel accents and suicide doors. I was parked, getting ready to pull out of a spot, and a toddler stopped dead in his tracks on the sidewalk, fascinated with the awesomeness of my vehicle. He stood for a minute, pointing to the car and looking impressed. I smiled at this adorable family. The icing on the cake was that, as I pulled away, I lit up my Motormood smile. On my way, I looked in the rear view mirror to see him smile even bigger.

Connection. Breaking down isolation. Conquering traffic boredom. Impressing toddlers. This, my friends, is what life is all about – and I’m glad that Motormood can help me out.


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