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I love a good transition. There is nothing in life that kicks my ass into gear more than a major change.

Waiting for that change to occur, on the other hand – that’s a challenge for me. I get impatient and want the transition to be OVER. I’m ready to be onto the next thing, to bask in the newness of the preparation I made in the midst of the transition.

Planning for the future has always been my strength.

Has anyone ever taken the StrengthFinder test? Basically, you take a long personality survey, and it tells you what your strengths are based on that. It then tells you the types of jobs that are good for your strengths, and what you can do with these newfound positive qualities.

When I did StrengthsFinder at an old job, my number one strength was that I am “futuristic.” Personally, I always thought that being futuristic was a weakness – people are constantly are telling me to slow down and take time to appreciate the present.

But I love the future. I love to think about what’s coming next. I love setting goals and figuring out how I’m going to reach them. I love thinking about the next step and how it will change other aspects of my life.
At the moment I am embarking on one of the longest anticipated transitions of my life: preparing for parenthood. And of course, being the intense over planner that I am, I’m not even pregnant yet.

But that’s okay. There are things to be done even before that happens.

Like what, you might ask?

Well…it’s our home.

Seattle has been breaking records lately with it’s housing market. The average median price of a house is $700,000. A small two bedroom condo in my building just went for over $400,000. Even if I sold my condo (which has accumulated a good amount of value in the eight years since I bought it), we would still not have enough to purchase something bigger in Seattle at this point.

Cry me a river, right?

Honestly…I am okay. I am actually delighted to be living in a small space while we embark on the adventure of growing our family. Having a family in a small space presents a challenge to me…and I love a challenge.

Obviously, I love to organize.

My home has changed pretty drastically over the years. I moved in almost exactly eight years ago. In my Facebook Memories today, some old pictures came up that showed my house right after I had unpacked. It was so different! There are so many things I have done over the years to improve it.


The south wall of my house shortly after move-in in 2009…

..versus the same wall in 2017!

Making spaces work is one of my hobbies and passions and because of that, my home is constantly a work-in-progress, evolving with my life and its needs.

My main goal in this whole process is to increase the amount of storage that we have.

Part of me is worried to do this because I don’t want to create space just to fill up with junk. However, after working with kids for so many years and spending so much time in people’s homes, I know that having kids definitely does require extra space. Even when they’re little, there are different sizes of clothes to cycle through, diapers to store and an extra sleeping space to squeeze in. Plus, with living in the city, I’m guessing that a stroller is going to be an important part of our daily life – and strollers aren’t usually very compact!

In the coming weeks I am going to highlight my storage increasing, futuristic thinking, babies-on-the-brain home improvement projects. I know I have have gotten a little lax with updating as of recently, but at this point I am feeling inspired and ready to get going to let you all know what I’m up to.

Stay tuned!

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